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         At Vintage and Watches, we are a big part of the collectible watch lifestyle and we have made it our job to provide our customers with more than just a quality timepiece, we educate them as well. To learn more about Vintage and Watches, contact us today and let one of our representatives assist you and answer any questions you might have about buying, selling or having your vintage timepiece repaired or restored. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, and Instagram to become a part of the Vintage and Watches online community.

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         At Vintage and Watches, we supply watch collectors from all over the world with a wide selection of high quality vintage and collectible men’s and women’s timepieces. Our team of knowledgeable, experienced watchmakers are standing by to assist our customers with their orders and with any questions they might have about any of our exceptional timepiece collections.

         To learn more about Vintage and Watches or to ask a certified watchmaker a question about your watch restoration, contact us now by phonr or via email

    Tovabbi informacioert, valaszokert, vagy ha az orajat szeretne javitatni, felujitani vagy eladni kerem irjon vagy hivjon minket! 

    Contact information:




    Peter Barany (CEO-Founder)

    0036-20-515-4807 (on Hungarian) 

    Watch-repair, watchmakers:

    Laszlo Toth & Levente Konig:



    1221 Budapest

    Maria Terezia utca 12.